HVAC Installation, Piedmont Triad, NC

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Here in the Piedmont Triad, North Carolina, one thing you can’t live without is a quality, dependable HVAC system. If you are constructing a new home in the area, you will want to carefully consider your options before moving forward with HVAC installation. Here at Energy Works, we work closely with HVAC specialists to ensure that you get the HVAC installation that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and your indoor air quality, as well as saving you money on your utility bills.

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Even if you have an older home, when you get new HVAC installation, it is the perfect time to look at your whole home’s efficiency and make improvements that will help your new system operate as efficiently as possible. Here are some other areas that we will consider during new HVAC installation:

HVAC Installation in Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

  • Insulation levels: While insulation is often installed to meet minimum requirements, we know that superior insulation saves you money in the long run. We can help improve the insulation of key areas like your attic and crawlspace to better maintain a comfortable, constant temperature throughout your home. This keeps your HVAC system from working harder than it should.
  • Potential air leakage: With advanced technology like thermal imaging systems and digital manometers, we can pinpoint exactly where heat loss and heat gain is happening and work to stop it.
  • Testing before and after work: We adhere to strict industry standards and will quantify your results after our work is completed.

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