HVAC, Greensboro, NC

Whether you are building a new house in Greensboro or looking to upgrade your current HVAC system, we can help you get an energy efficient system that will reduce your energy bills.

Greensboro, North Carolina truly has a four-season climate. The summers are very hot and humid, but the winters are chilly. Because of this variability, it is pretty much essential to your comfort that your home or business be equipped with a functional HVAC system. Cooling and heating your property will be one of the largest monthly expenses you will incur, but we don’t want you to waste money on an outdated HVAC system that doesn’t work properly.

HVAC in Greensboro, North Carolina

Here at Energy Works, we can design and install a new HVAC system for your residential or commercial property. We can evaluate your property for other problems like insufficient levels of insulation and air leakage. Once you have a new HVAC system installed, we can provide a home service agreement that will keep it running optimally, saving you the maximum amount possible on your monthly energy bills.

Even if you aren’t ready for a brand-new HVAC system, we can evaluate and assess your existing system and make sure everything is running as it should. Our professional technicians can service and repair most top brands of HVAC equipment, and home service agreements are available for existing HVAC systems as well.

When you give us a call about your HVAC system, you can be sure that our technicians will listen to your concerns, thoroughly assess your system and assess your needs. Once this is done, we will discuss your options with you and will not pressure you into making quick decisions you might later regret. So, if you need something HVAC-related near Greensboro, give us a call today.

At Energy Works, we offer HVAC services in the Piedmont Triad area, including Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Advance, Burlington, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, and Clemmons, North Carolina.