What Can I Expect from an Energy Assessment?

energy assessment will also involve checking out your HVAC system When you hear that someone is being audited, you automatically feel a little sorry for that person! Tax audits or financial audits can be tedious, headache-inducing and difficult experiences for those who are being audited. However, when it comes to being audited for your energy, well, that is the one type of audit that you might actually look forward to!

An energy assessment (sometimes called an energy audit) is a process of inspecting your property for energy loss and giving advice on improvements that can be made to decrease that energy loss. In short, it’s one of the few audits that aims to help you save money instead of looking for how you can pay more! If you are interested in an energy assessment for your home or business, but not sure what to expect, our team at Energy Works would like to tell you a little about the process.

The first thing to happen in an energy assessment is a careful analysis of energy loss. This can be done with anything from thermal imaging cameras to testing airflow over your vents, doorways and HVAC systems.

After analyzing where your energy loss is the highest or lowest, an energy assessment also includes ways that you can decrease the problem areas. This can be anything from adding insulation in a crawl space to giving you better weather stripping around your doors and windows.

Finally, your energy assessment will also involve checking out your HVAC system to determine if there are mechanical steps that can be taken for improved function and efficiency.

When it comes to your utility bills, don’t be afraid of a self-induced audit! Learn and save from an energy assessment today.