Looking to Improve Your Heating System?
Try Duct Sealing!

Do you wish your house was a little bit warmer? If you are looking for the opportunity to improve your HVAC system, you do not have to buy a new heat pump, furnace, or other machinery. Sometimes, your problems can be solved by other means!

Looking to Improve Your Heating System? Try Duct Sealing!

  • Aim for Energy Efficiency- When it comes to improving your HVAC system, we recommend taking a holistic view. That is why our staff at Energy Works will complete a home energy assessment where we prepare to work with a new client. Conducting this assessment allows us to identify the exact areas in your home responsible for heat gain or heat loss. Zeroing in on the culprits means that you do not waste time or money on unnecessary changes!
  • The Hidden Gem: Duct Sealing- After a home energy assessment, we can draw up an action plan to address the most important areas of heat gain or loss. One of the strategies we often employ is duct sealing. Sometimes, an assessment may reveal a heat loss or gain within the air duct system. These hidden losses can take a big toll on the energy efficiency of your home. Duct sealing will remove or mitigate this loss.
  • Other Ideas for Energy Efficiency- In addition to duct sealing, it may be necessary to use air sealing in other areas, such as around a chimney. It may also be expedient to replace or add new insulation. The quality of insulation in a home also does a lot to contribute to energy efficiency.

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