HVAC Installation: Is it Time for a New AC Unit?

When things heat up outside, you rely on your home’s air conditioner more and more. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions and a rigorous maintenance schedule, you may be due for a new HVAC installation within 10-15 years after you bought your old AC equipment. If you aren’t sure if you should opt for HVAC installation instead of doing another repair, here are a few signs it’s time to make the investment:

•  Age – The most common reason to move forward with a new HVAC installation is the age of your old system. Pay attention to how often your older unit needs repairs – if you’re doing major repair work several times a year, it’s likely a good idea to purchase and install a new system.

HVAC Installation

•  Temperature variances – Does your home have a hard time staying at a cool, consistent temperature throughout the day? If you have this problem combined with an older system, you may want to start preparing for HVAC installation. If you have a younger unit, keep in mind that these inconsistencies could also be due to leaking ductwork or inadequate insulation.

•  Humidity – As an AC unit gets older, it becomes less and less efficient, which means things in your home may be more humid than usual.

•  Increased utility bills – As your system ages and becomes less efficient, you may notice your utility bills start to get higher and higher. While replacing your old unit can be an investment, the increased efficiency you experience can make a huge difference when it comes time to pay that electric bill.