How Can I Lower My Electric Bill? Try These 4 Easy Steps!

If you have been looking at your utility bills and wondering, “How can I lower my electric bill?” don’t worry — you are in good company. Utility bills are one of the few monthly bills that can vary from month to month based upon our own actions, so figuring out ways to save energy can also help you save money. When you are looking online for “ways to lower my electric bill” you’ll find many ideas, some helpful and some a little crazy, but here at Energy Works, we wanted to share with you some ways you can lower your electrical bill in a few easy steps.

ways to lower my electric bill

  1. Invest in energy-efficient products– It can feel counter intuitive to spend money when you want to save money, but there are several great products out there that can save you money over time. Energy-efficient appliances and programmable thermostats are all great ways to lower your electric bill without changing any other habits.
  2. Switch to cold water– Today’s laundry detergents and washers are far more effective than they used to be. You don’t need hot water to get clothes clean, so switch to washing regular loads in cold water and save the hot water for whites and things like underwear, towels and socks.
  3. Insulate you and your home– Teach your children and/or spouse to put on a sweater when they are chilly instead of heading for the thermostat. Adding insulation to your attic, crawlspace or basement can also help with efficiency.
  4. Talk to your electricity company– Many electricity companies will perform free energy audits or enroll you in a more regular payment plan for your utility bills.

For more information about electric bills, don’t search “How can I lower my electric bill?” just give us a call at Energy Works today.