Home Insulation Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

Oftentimes, becoming a new homeowner comes with a steep learning curve. All of a sudden you need to be well-versed in terms that deal with homeowner’s insurance, mortgages, and loans. Additionally, you’ll have to become familiar on the basics of construction and maintenance to ensure that your home is safe and well-cared for. Whether your home is a new construction or a historical home, home insulation is an important feature that you should be aware of, even if your home insulation is hidden within your walls! There are several home insulation terms that every homeowner, new or old, should know, including:

  • R-value– When it comes to insulation, it is graded in terms of how resistant the insulation is to heat flow. The “R” stands for resistance, so the R-value works out to a grade in heat flow resistance. With R-values, the higher the number, the better.home insulation is an important feature
  • Insulation types– When considering different types of home insulation, there are basically four options with sub-categories for you to choose from. They are fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, and wool insulation.
  • BTUs– This term stands for “British Thermal Units,” and these are the units of measurement used to calculate energy usage. You can use BTUs to roughly translate the energy that is saved by using more efficient home insulation into units of crude oil that was not expended.

Here at Energy Works, we are well-versed in the vernacular of home insulation! If you have any questions at all about home insulation or how to make your home more energy efficient, we would love to talk with you. Please contact us today for more information on home insulation terms or to learn more!