Hidden Problems Disrupting the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Energy efficiency is a golden phrase in the HVAC industry, but what exactly does it mean? Essentially, when we discuss energy efficiency, this means we are looking at how well an HVAC system does its job of maintaining a desired temperature for an extended period of time. As an HVAC system becomes more efficient, it can maintain the desired temperature while expending less energy. This is why many of our clients see the prices of their energy bills drop after they have invested in a more energy efficient home!

Energy efficiency is a golden phrase in the HVAC industry

Here’s the question we are sure you are asking: “Is my home energy efficient?” We recommend taking advantage of our home energy assessment services to get an idea of what areas in your home may need attention. This can help you identify areas where heat gain or loss is a problem. That way, you are able to target inefficient areas to create a more efficient HVAC system in your home. Here are a few areas you may not realize need an energy upgrade:

  • Your Attic: You may use this area for storage and rarely see it, but it is a big culprit of heat gain and loss!
  • Your HVAC Air Ducts: You don’t see your air ducts often, but areas of heat gain and loss can mean an inability to get warm and cool air to their destinations
  • Your Chimney: This feature is another hidden culprit of heat gain and loss. Air sealing is a great way to tackle this problem.

Do you know what areas are the energy efficiency trouble spots in your home? Contact us today to schedule an energy assessment to find out!