Energy Efficiency: Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient This Summer

Summer means fun in the sun, barbecues, longer days, and time spent with family and friends. With all the magic of summer also comes higher electric bills. If you’d rather not pay a fortune to cool your home this summer, following these energy efficiency guidelines can help you stay cool and comfortable while preserving your budget:

•    Use ceiling fans or standalone fans as much as possible. Thanks to their wind-chill effect, fans can make it seem like it’s six to seven degrees cooler in any room. To maximize your energy efficiency benefits, just make sure you turn off any fans after you leave the room.

•    If your home has a programmable thermostat, use it as economically as possible. We recommend setting it to a higher temperature during periods you know you’ll be gone, like during the day when you’re at work, and reducing the temperature again when you’re home.

Energy Efficiency

•    To establish optimum energy efficiency in your home, it isn’t enough to use fans and set your programmable thermostat – you also must maintain your AC equipment. We can help you prioritize problems found during a complete inspection, so you can experience a cool, comfortable home all summer long.

•    Prevent heat buildup in your home during the day when it’s hottest, so your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work overtime, by not using your oven, clothes dryer, or dishwasher. Instead, try to run appliances that generate heat at night after the sun has gone down to keep things cool.