Basic HVAC Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

HVAC maintenance is one of the best things you can do to extend the life of your AC unit and enhance energy efficiency in your home. Securing these benefits isn’t difficult, and by following a monthly, seasonal, and annual HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll be well on your way to enhanced AC efficiency and performance.

Once a Month

Every month, your HVAC maintenance plans should include changing the filters in your air conditioner or furnace, depending on the time of year. If your filters are dirty, they can contribute to increased energy costs and damaged equipment.

HVAC Maintenance

You should also make sure your physical AC unit is free of debris. To ensure proper circulation and air flow, trim any plants and shrubs surrounding the unit.


While we are already in the thick of the summer season, plan on having your AC unit inspected two months before the start of the summer season next year. As we head into fall, plan on having your furnace looked at a few weeks before you use it to save money on heating costs and ensure your system’s efficiency well into winter.


Dirty air condenser coils can increase your home’s energy consumption significantly. On an annual basis, plan on having a professional come in and clean these coils.

We’d be happy to provide more instruction on how to maintain your HVAC equipment throughout the year. Give us a call at Energy Works today to find out more!