3 Great Things About Air Sealing for Your Home

There are several elements that influence the success of an HVAC system in addition to well-known machines like the heat pump or furnace. These elements include the air duct system and the quality of home insulation.

air sealing process has several benefits for your home

One of the best things you can do to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to invest in air sealing. The air sealing process has several benefits for your home. Here are our top three picks for how air sealing can work for you:

1.  Benefit from a Home Energy Assessment: First, with each home we work with at Energy Works, we conduct a home energy assessment. This means we will take a look at what the top priorities are for your home, so you spend time thinking only about what is most important, whether it be air sealing or another issue.

2.  Remove Uncomfortable Drafts: Is there an annoying cold spot in your house during the winter? Or, an area that doesn’t cool down in the summer? Air sealing can help prevent drafts that cause these types of problems.

3.  Decrease Your Power Bill: The biggest benefit our clients see with air sealing is a decrease in the cost of their power bill. As you make air flow within your home more efficient and prevent air escaping to or entering from the outdoors, you make it easier for your HVAC system to function using less energy.

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