Vent Sealing, Piedmont Triad, NC

With vent sealing, you get the HVAC airflow where you want it without interruption or sidetracking.

Before HVAC systems, your indoor comfort was dependent mostly upon cross-breezes and fans instead of warm and cool air forced through ducts. This system works great in both warm and cold weather, but depending upon the efficiency of your HVAC, will depend on how much you need to pay for the convenience of a comfortable home. The efficiency of your HVAC system is largely dependent upon the strength of these ducts and their vents. Like a leaky hose losing water pressure, if your ducts and vents aren’t properly sealed, you will lose air through the cracks, forcing your HVAC to work harder than necessary. Many people have adequate sealing in their duct system, but most everyone does not have adequate vent sealing in their Piedmont Triad, North Carolina home.

Vent Sealing in Piedmont Triad, North Carolina

If you were to take the vent cover off of one of your floor vents and look down, what would you see? You would probably encounter some dust bunnies or maybe a toy or two, but if you look at where your vent meets the floor, you will most likely not see sealing materials. Vent sealing ensures that your vents are sealed to their openings, no matter if it is a floor, wall or ceiling vent. Without vent sealing, your HVAC is pumping air that isn’t making it to where it needs to go. You are also allowing air from the inside of your walls or crawl space into your home, which is air that hasn’t been filtered or conditioned in any way.

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